IKEA Craft Room - Ever Blooming Originals

by Colette Rennier August 31, 2014

Check out my new workspace! Most of these items were purchased at IKEA.
I have two maker stations with pegboards to store all of our tools and clipboards. In the center, I can show the day's work schedule or watch TV.
I used metal racks to store all of my ribbon. I organized everything by color so I can easily see what ribbon I'm looking for.
My favorite part of the workshop - the flowers! I used plastic grates and sorted everything by color. It's so nice to be able to see everything in one place!
I used pink cardboard boxes which I labeled with my Silhouette to store tulle, vinyl, glue, paper, and other miscellaneous items. I've got a peg board on the side to store all of tools.
Over here I have my packing station. I stored all of my cardboard boxes in the existing bench storage and added some racks to the wall to store materials. In the gift wrapping station, I used another pegboard to store my wrapping paper and gift bags & I used a dresser I had laying around which I painted hot pink to match the rest of the workshop.
Over here I have a second packing station. I love how the vertical storage saves us on space. I hung two cute pink lamps above to add some extra light.
I used some file cabinets I had laying around for additional storage & to put the printed on top of.
I just love how this all turned out! I especially love how everything is Ever Blooming Originals colors - pink and green!

Colette Rennier
Colette Rennier


Colette Rennier is the owner of Ever Blooming Originals. After years of working as a buyer for a major national catalog, she opened up shop in 2011, specializing in unique handmade door decor.

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