Wreath Wrap Door Hanger

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This is an exclusive design from Ever Blooming Originals ® that you will not find anywhere else!

We designed this over door wreath hanger as a solution for all our customers who want to display their wreaths beautifully from their doors. It is our solution to the ugly metal door hangers. We call these "wreath wraps." It is almost as if you are wrapping your wreath up to give as a beautiful gift to your guests who enter.. These still work like a traditional wreath hanger which hangs from the top of the door. You can try this hanger to give a new look to any fresh or faux wreath of your choosing. The bow has a magnetic backing which attaches through the fabric to the metal wreath hanger and the bow can be removed entirely if you choose.
13"L × 2"W

  • The wreath wrap hangs from the top of the door, and will fit any standard sized door. If you are worried that your door may be a non-standard size, the width of the actual door should measure no more than 1 - 7/8" wide to ensure a proper fit.
  • The wreath wrap has a metal base which has been encased with beautiful fabric and topped with a matching bow.
  • Choose your bow (65+ color options). (bow is removable)
  • Must be used outdoors (only in a protected location) or indoors. This wreath hanger cannot be exposed to moisture.
  • Original Design, Wreath Wraps by Ever Blooming Originals ®
  • The metal hook at the base of the hanger is uncovered for ease of hanging your wreath.
  • Can be used on any type of door (wood, metal, etc).
Wreath Care

Display your wreath wrap indoors or outdoors in a protected location only. Our wreath wraps cannot be directly exposed to moisture.

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