Hanging, Fluffing and Caring for Your Wreath

Hanging and Fluffing Your Arrangement

  1. Be sure to hang your wreath from the ribbon loop above the bow (not the either of the loops of the bow or the knot of the bow).
  2. Please take time to re-shape your bow. The bows tend to flatten a bit during shipping. They can be brought back to life by reshaping the wired edge ribbon so it looks like new. The bow can be shifted up or down so it's back in the center of the ribbon hanging loop.
  3. You may need to gently fluff your wreath, as the berries or flowers may have shifted a bit during shipping. Feel free to fluff, scrunch, and reshape your wreath back into your a circular shape. You can’t hurt it!

      Caring For Your Arrangement

      1. Use indoors, or outdoors in a protected location only. Our wreaths absolutely cannot be exposed to moisture.
      2. To preserve the life of your item, use the box to store the wreath and place in a climate controlled area.
      3. To clean your wreath, use a clean, dry paintbrush to gently remove any dust. Never use liquid or water to clean your wreath.